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TGS is awarded quality assurance from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA)

The TGS Road Safety Program, licensed by the UN System Staff College, has been awarded a certificate of quality assurance from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.. RoSPA has been involved in road safety since it was first created in 1916, and is now a globally recognized centre of excellence for occupational safety and health, regulated by the UK Office of Qualifications. The RoSPA course assurance means that our methods, content and processes have been independently reviewed by subject matter experts with a background in advanced behavioural driver training, to ensure they are relevant, pitched at the appropriate level, and that the course will meet the highest standards for trainer competence and course quality.

This course assurance certificate is also important because it includes the Level 3 Driver Trainer Qualification course. Previously, under the UN System Staff College, RoSPA had externally reviewed and accredited the Level 2 Advanced Safe Driver Qualification course. Because TGS is committed to ensuring the highest level of quality, we wanted to ensure that all qualification courses in the Road Safety Program went through this rigorous review and assurance process..