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TGS - Driving Competency Essentials

Back in May 2020 in the midst of the Covid-19 lockdown, Fleet Forum recognised the need for online driver training in the humanitarian sector.

Seeing that for many years TGS has been providing face-to-face training courses for drivers in the humanitarian sector, TGS was invited by Fleet Forum to share our technical training expertise by designing online courses. With a fresh perspective, TGS started the venture with a Road Safety course. The road safety course aimed at for students to define road safety principles and to prevent road traffic accidents.

The road safety online course encouraged the TGS Technical & Fleet training team to develop and design an online course for professional drivers covering road safety, eco-driving, vehicle inspection, off-road driving principles and much more!

The certified training “The TGS Driver Competency Essentials” is composed of 3 levels:

Understand Basic Driver Competencies

Understand Your Vehicle

Advanced Driver Competencies

Students enrolling and passing all 3 levels receive a TGS approved certificate of theoretical competency.

Interested? Click here to view the course enrollment page