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Technical Training Team

The TGS Technical & Fleet Training dept offers its expertise through training and consultancy to those in the humanitarian community. Our areas of specialisation are primarily based on road safety, fleet management and mechanical workshops and workshop practices. Our team also provides internal technical support to other TGS teams who need technical support relating to client field projects.

TGS offers face-to-face courses in the areas of Driving, Vehicle Recovery and Preventive Maintenance, Trainer of Trainers, Vehicle mechanics, Safe Drive Certificate, UNSSC Road safety, Fleet Management and tailor-made courses specific to the clients’ request. We send our team to the customer’s preferred location in order to carry out the training.

Recognising the move to remote working over the course of 2020, TGS now also provides an online course for professional drivers in the humanitarian sector. Upon completion and passing the TGS Competency Essentials the student obtains theoretical competencies as professional driver.

The dept is composed of 4 individuals.

  • Jean-Philippe Lezeau, the Technical & Fleet Manager heads this department with an extensive experience and expertise of the aid sector. Having worked in leading logistical roles and also providing capacity building through training, Jean-Philippe’s wealth of knowledge provides the backbone to our training and fleet management philosophies.

  • Catherine Richardson, the Technical & Fleet Assistant Manager leads the training administration, and develops online training courses. Having an insight in public relations and training curriculum development, Catherine provides departmental support to both clients and students taking an interest in all our courses.

  • Valerian Lemoine our Technical Trainer excels in vehicle mechanics and theoretical knowledge. Having had over 20 years’ experience managing workshops in both the commercial and humanitarian community, Valerian’s niche offers our clients the technical support to enhance their technical skill set and ensure that their asset longevity is not compromised for field operations.

  • Sykes Garro, the Technical & Fleet Assistant provides our clients with practical fleet management and training support with video conferences and webex sessions. Sykes also provides student support with our online courses and publishes our events on our social media platforms.