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Special Ambulance and Security Vehicle conversions

TGS recently completed the conversion of a number of vehicles in order to fulfil and order for an agency working in sub-Saharan Africa.

Firstly 5 Land Cruiser Hardtop ambulances were prepared, then 3 Land Cruiser Single Cabin Pick-Up security vehicles. The security vehicles had to be resprayed, then a 2nd spare wheel, as well as outward facing seats installed in the pick-up bed. Additionally, windscreen and front and rear lights protective grilles were requested and installed. The pictures in the gallery here give a better idea of the finished products.

We were pleased to receive positive feedback from our customer as we now move to the logistics and delivery phase of this order.

“Thank you for these photographs…. The end result is of a high standard and what we were looking for…… As far as I am concerned and according to the multitude of photos sent, it is an excellent job and I thank you and the whole team involved who managed to achieve such a result.”

Please remember our experienced workshop teams have many years of experience in the area of conversions and there are many examples of our expertise. Please contact our sales team to discuss any special requirements you may have.