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New TGS Slogan: Providing Mobility Solutions that Change Lives

TGS has specialised in providing 4x4 vehicles to the aid and relief sector for over 25 years. But times are changing. Toyota Japan has set a target date of 2035 for its plants globally to be carbon neutral and the rapid advances in battery technology and hybrid systems are redefining the fundamentals of vehicle specifications, and TGS are part of this evolution.

Providing Mobility Solutions That Change Lives defines how TGS will take on these new challenges. Mobility solutions will refer to the adoption of new power systems be they pure electric, or hybrid, but it will also reflect how we work with clients who are looking at new ownership models such as shared vehicle usage. Changing lives is how TGS sees the continued impact of the products it supplies on the lives of those who receive aid and relief via the vehicles, but also, the positive environmental impact that the new technologies bring with them. So TGS is moving beyond 4x4’s and embracing the opportunities that will enhance the work its customers perform, whilst also providing greater environmental benefits. Providing Mobility Solutions That Change Lives – it’s in our DNA.