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GIZ Training Burundi

Date: June 2019
Location: Bujumbura
TGS Technical Team participants: Jean-Philippe Lezeau, Jan Bühler

This was the first training with GIZ in Burundi and we trained a total of 18 participants during session 1 and another 10 staff members in session 2.

Within the group we had 18 drivers, however some of them had either a second role as logistician or basic maintenance role.

The official training session was opened by the GIZ country Director, Mr. Martin Kraft, who has been working for GIZ in Burundi for 10 years.

This first training to be held Burundi was very successful. The TGS Technical Training team is increasing its knowledge base of GIZ and their operations, and we are more tuned in with the useful and possible options for future purchase orders.

The head of security mentioned as well that GIZ was interested in widening the reach of the TGS training and that he will be happy to recommend our training.

We can look forward to further opportunities to cooperate with GIZ in this region in the future.