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Fleet Forum 2022 review

For the second year running Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings (TGS) hosted the Virtual Annual Fleet Forum Conference and showcased their continuous plans to support the humanitarian sector.

TGS described Toyota's strategy for achieving global carbon neutrality. Toyota have been making investments to lessen their own environmental impact of every process, from production through recycling and disposal. Between 2018 and 2022, TGS reduced their own carbon footprint, contributing to this effort.

Toyota is aware of the operational difficulties faced by its customers in the humanitarian sector, including adverse environmental conditions, poor fuel quality, poor road and infrastructure conditions, logistics, and maintenance.

In order to pursue its carbon neutral goal TGS was pleased to announce the introduction of the Toyota RAV4, the first hybrid electric vehicle to their model line-up.

This year, TGS strengthened their Fleet Management Services for humanitarian customers through two key announcements:

• The launch of a new Road Safety Program, originally developed by the UN System Staff College (UNSSC). TGS is licensed by UNSSC to offer the Road Safety Program to NGOs and UN agencies alike. The courses have recently been endorsed by RoSPA

• The development of an E-Learning Hub, which will go live in September, will aim to increase capacity building for all fleet operatives.

In addition, TGS understands that organisations are increasingly looking to optimise their fleet through the reduction of emissions, costs and crashes. To help organisations streamline analytical processes, TGS is further developing a data analysis service, beginning with road crash analysis.

Many participants were enthusiastic to hear the new announcements, particularly around the hybrid electric RAV4, the Road Safety Program, E-Learning Hub and data analysis services. TGS will continue to commit to their services and technical support to the aid and humanitarian community by providing mobility solutions that change lives.