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Driver Operations in Brazzaville – Driver Investment and Development

World Health Organisation, Republic of Congo

Executive Summary

World Health Organisation (WHO) HQ in Switzerland approached Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings (TGS) to provide technical training for drivers as a means of investing in and developing their skills and attributes. The concept of the training programme was to utilise the key performance indicators for safe 4x4 driving and preventive maintenance.

First of all, a training event was organised by TGS for WHO in Liberia in January 2017. This was then recently followed up with a further investment in driver training alongside WHO in Brazzaville, Congo in May 2017.

About WHO & WHO Afro

WHO is the lead health authority within the United Nations system. The Organization works in close collaboration with other UN agencies, donors, NGOs, WHO collaborating centres and the private sector. It contributes to promoting the general health of people across the world. Over 7,000 public health experts from all over the globe work for WHO.

The WHO presence in the region consists of the WHO Regional Committee for Africa, a Secretariat for the African region, three Inter-country Support Teams (ISTs) and WHO Country and Liaison Offices located in 47 Member States.

About TGS

TGS are Toyota Motor Corporation’s officially appointed stockist of Toyota vehicles, spare parts and accessories to aid the United Nations (UN), Governmental Organisations (GO) and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) worldwide. The TGS team is made up of 140 staff from a variety of nationalities with the common aim of delivering vehicles urgently for immediate use in the field in cases of emergency and for the use in development projects. A unique organisation which can combine vehicles, spare parts, conversions, freight solutions, insurance, official worldwide warranty, 24/7 after sales support along with specialised technical and driver training sessions.

The Challenges

WHO AFRO were appointed to lead the training event in Liberia.

They identified problem areas with their fleet such as environmental constraints; driving difficulties in harsh terrain, driving behaviour and preventive maintenance. They also identified that they needed to train other drivers within their operations in the surrounding areas of Congo.

The solution

WHO Headquarters contacted TGS to identify what solutions could be offered to improve fleet operations. Based on discussions and collaborative analysis, TGS provided another tailor-made course providing solutions in road safety, driving principles, preventive vehicle maintenance, best driving practices and vehicle recovery. This was delivered in a similar capacity as the previous course in Liberia identifying the key performance indicators of good fleet management.

The results

A total 22 participants from 13 countries in the region completed the safe 4x4 driving and maintenance course in Brazzaville, gaining the required knowledge and meeting the course objectives.

All staff participants gained the experience and skills to pass on to other drivers within their representing countries. These drivers will be considered to be the points of contact for technical driver information and support to train their colleagues in their local offices.

Technical improvements and general attitudes towards the learnt concepts were exceptional and where possible, implemented throughout all vehicle-related operations.

"Thanks again for your remarkable mission in Liberia with us and looking forward to our next session in French."