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Differential Locks. A must-have accessory

When working in extreme off-road conditions

When travelling off-road, drivers can often encounter situations where traction is lost on one of the wheels at the front or the rear of the vehicle, sometimes even both. This is because the differentials situated inside the front and rear axles deliver more drive to the wheel that offers less resistance.

Although some TGS models are equipped with running gear that helps to improve traction, in off-road conditions, this does not address loss of traction from one side of an axle to the other and the vehicle cannot continue on its journey.

With our popular differential locker solutions, TGS is able to offer our clients a swift and effective solution to traction loss situations. You will simply drive out of these situations with ease.

For more information, please visit our page on differential lockers here, our YouTube Channel on how differential lockers work here or contact our Vehicle Sales team here

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