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Bioforce training event - “Our first training event in 2021”

The covid-19 pandemic placed unprecedented constraints globally. For us, TGS, our face-to-face training events were paused, up until March 2021!

Our technical training team comprising of Jean-Philippe Lezeau (TGS Technical & Fleet Training Manager) and Valerian Lemoine (TGS Technical Training Advisor) facilitated a technical course for students of Bioforce Institut, Vénissieux in the outskirts of Lyon, France.

Bioforce Institut works in the preparation and response to crises relating to conflict, natural catastrophe, and epidemic. They provide training solutions and capacity building to those wanting to professionalize their roles and responsibilities as humanitarian workers in the aid sector.

Our trainers trained 20 participants in the areas of 4x4 driving, road safety, safe vehicle recovery, vehicle maintenance and vehicle options related familiarization. Over one week the participants joined in classroom theoretical activities and also conveying such behaviors in practical competencies in off-road conditions.

The general outcome saw these participants fully engaged in technical messages and safe vehicle practices with the aim to build the required skills and competencies in technical and fleet management areas within a logistical setting.