Although towing does not necessarily mean you can carry more weight with your vehicle, it does mean that you can carry more volume. This can be particularly useful when you need more cargo space for your project work, assisting your team to carry additional equipment they need or simply rescuing your colleagues by collecting the cargo from their stricken vehicle.

Our towing packages are designed to provide all the essential towing accessories required to tow with your vehicle. The TOWB package is configured with a 50mm tow ball and the TOWU package is configured with a combined ball & pin coupling. The TOWU adds increased versatility to your vehicle’s towing capability, as you are able to tow trailers with a conventional 50mm tow ball configuration or those with a NATO coupling.

Additionally, we apply a 15% discount to all the items in this package when purchased together.

Components subject to vehicle applicability.


  • • 50mm tow ball configuration
  • • Combined ball & pin coupling configuration
  • • Tow strap with shackles
  • • High visibility vest


  • • Increased cargo volume capability
  • • Increased cargo carrying versatility
  • • Overall vehicle capability increased as it can be used with or without a trailer, when and where required, such as leaving the trailer at base for off-loading whilst the vehicle is used to collect personnel from the project



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