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Training in Sierra Leone with World Hope

World Hope International (WHI) reached out to Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings (TGS) to provide certified technical training courses for drivers, mechanics and fleet managers. TGS would conduct the training in Sierra Leone for both their Sierra Leone and Liberia programs. World Hope International's primary objectives were to ensure all operatives are fully certified to maintain WHI's fleet of vehicles and learn road safety principles.

Based on discussions and collaborative analysis, TGS provided tailor-made courses providing solutions in road safety, driving principles, preventive vehicle maintenance, best driving practices, vehicle recovery and fleet management concepts.

Jean Philippe and Valerian, from the TGS Training Department, travelled to Sierra Leone to deliver the approved tailor-made courses to WHI, the first international training conducted since February 2020 due to the outbreak of the Covid pandemic.

The journey to Africa from Gibraltar went smoothly. But, of course, everything takes a little more time when travelling due to the new Covid protocols, including extra days for PCR tests and results when arriving and exiting international borders.

The team delivered three training courses; a four-day Driver Training for ten drivers, a four-day Mechanic Training and a one-day Basic Fleet Management Principles presented to the WHI Logistics Team.

The WHI participants gained the required knowledge and met the course objectives. Additionally, our trainers observed technical improvements and positive attitudes throughout all vehicle-related operations.

After a long absence of travel, the TGS team were grateful to begin face to face training activities once again.

What next?

Having just returned from Sierra Leone, the TGS team is already preparing for the next training event. Next week they will be flying to Senegal to deliver three training courses to sixty drivers.

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