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Jüngste TGS Trainings-Veranstaltungen

The TGS technical training department were recently in Monrovia, Liberia for their first training event of the year. The World Health Organization, African Region (WHO Afro) requested a “Safe 4x4 Driving and Maintenance training”. WHO Liberia accepted to host the training in their country. 16 drivers from the countries in the WHO Afro English offices came to participate in the 5 day training event. In total, 11 countries were represented: Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana and Liberia. The teams were joined by Mr. Fred Urlep from WHO Geneva who was overseeing proceedings. The objective was to learn how to maintain, prepare and drive a 4x4 vehicle whilst adhering to safety rules and regulations so that the participants could go back in their own countries to teach their colleagues.

Day 1 of the course started with a full classroom session. Meeting all participants and outlining the course schedule on road safety, the role and responsibility of a driver and the importance of a daily inspections. Participants underwent a self-evaluation test and a 40 question test so that the TGS training team could evaluate their level of understanding. Day 2, 3 and 4 saw a more “hands-on approach” and the participants were out in the workshops or the training site learning about basic maintenance of the vehicle, convoy driving techniques, off-road principles, safety rules in vehicle recovery situations, emergency training, ABS vs NON ABS and vehicle accessories and recovery techniques. On the final day, participants returned to the classroom for a final debrief of the last four days. They once again took the same 40 question test and it was great to see that all participants improved their scores.

Overall, the training was a success and the participants were all extremely happy and grateful for the opportunity. They wanted to return back to their respective countries and teach other fellow drivers everything that they had learnt. Due to the positive feedback received, WHO mentioned the possibility of another training of trainers for the francophone countries to gain knowledge in the same way.